Tehran Stock Exchange 2012 Statistical Digest

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The market capitalization grew about 44 percent in 2012 and finally reached IRR 1726.7 trillion.
Total value of shares and rights trading in the year amounted above IRR 218 trillion, which is slightly (2.1 percent) more than the value in 2011. The volume of equity trading had about 7.2 percent growth last year comparing the figure in 2011 and stood above 74.85 billion shares.
The rising trends in 2012 also included number of equity trades with about 12 percent comparing 2011, pushing the figure to nearly five million.
Although 6 IPOs were accomplished last year at TSE, the total number of listed companies shrank, due to some of the previously listed ones’ transfer to Iran Farabourse (Iran’s OTC and SMEs Exchange). At the end of 2012 TSE had 322 listed companies.