Tehran Stock Exchange Closes The 2nd FEAS On-site

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The 2nd FEAS On-site Training Program was closed on Wednesday 21 November 2012 in Tehran. The ceremony was coincided with the 7th anniversary of the Iranian Securities Market Act ratification date.
The program was closed in attendance of Dr. Hassan Ghalibaf Asl, Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE)’s CEO, Mr. Mustafa Baltaci, FEAS Secretary General, as well as participants of the On-site Program and some authorities from the Iranian capital market.
Ms. Maryam Ebrahimi, the Legal Affairs Director at TSE, and the executive secretary of the program provided a detailed report about the event’s planning, implementation and statistics. “The organization team included foreign affairs and communication experts, as well as project planning authorities. We also had a committee to pick up what content was most relevant and should be presented during this program. They also played the role of quality control of the content of presentations. A designer for the themes of slides, supporting team and financial sponsors also helped us. A colleague was also an extreme help taking all the worries with regards to transportation and fun events off our shoulders”, she mentioned as how TSE had arranged the event.
“For planning, we first studied last year’s experience. Thanks to the information provided to us by FEAS secretariat. This year nine delegates from seven countries attended the program. Over the past 14 days, we have had very useful presentations and discussions. There have been 37 presentations on processes and practical experience accomplished during the last two weeks, which I hope helped our participants to get to know the Iranian capital market and learn our processes. These were presented during approximately 50 hours. All the speakers were chosen among the experts who were working in the Exchanges and financial institutions. Some of the areas of presentations were as follow: macroeconomic trends in Iran, foreign investment rights in the Iranian capital market, listing & issuers department activities, futures & option commodities contracts, on-line trading, all activities of the Iranian CSD, duties and authorities of Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran, market microstructure, market surveillance, Sukuks in the Islamic capital market, introduction to investment bank industry and types of funding in Iran, investment consulting services and the Iranian mutual funds…”, Ms. Ebrahimi added.
Mr. Baltaci also spoke to the audience and talked about the importance of such events for the capital markets’ relations and recognition. He pointed out that the content is an important part of any program, but the people involved, and their motivations give the real spirit to any event.
At the end, Dr. Ghalibaf Asl provided the closing speech, and appreciated his colleagues’ efforts, as well as FEAS secretariat support to hold the program. He also reminded the Iranian Securities Market Act ratification anniversary and gave a brief history of the recent developments in the country’s capital market. Mr. Baltaci finally joined him to present the certificates of the 2nd FEAS On-site Training Program’s participan