Tehran Stock Exchange Financial Results

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Tehran Stock Exchange Financial Results March 2009 – March 2010 " In 242 trading days in the Iranian calendar year 1388 (20 March 2009 20 March 2010), the total securities trading value has experienced an unprecedented record since 1967, the start of TSE’s activity, and reached to IRR 184,170 billion, 34% higher than calendar year 1387. The average value of daily trades for this period was IRR 754 billion, 9% higher than the calendar year 1387. " The trading volume on TSE reached to 85.6 billion shares, 78% more than the previous year. " The total number of trades in the year 1388 was 3 million, 61% higher as compared to the last year. Average daily trades number was 12,390. " About 89% of trading value and 90% of trading volume have been accomplished in the first market. However, the share of second market from the total trading value increased 100% compared to the last year. "