Tehran Stock Exchange Holds AGM

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

On June 16 more than 75 percent of the shareholders attended the meeting in Tehran. In the last year, TSE’s total revenue and expenses amounted to IRR 684 billion and IRR 221 billion, respectively, and the annual net profit was IRR 490 billion. The Exchange’s EPS equaled IRR 1,088 and based on the AGM’s resolution IRR 110 will be paid as dividends.
Voting for the new board members, who are elected for a two-year term was carried out later, and 7 new members, as well as 3 substitute members were determined.
An extraordinary meeting was also held after the AGM, in which the proposal to increase the Exchange’s capital from IRR 450 billion to IRR 900 billion was approved. The increase will be implemented by means of retained earnings and the reserves.