Tehran Stock Exchange index raised 58% from the beginning of Iranian Year (20/03/2009)

Saturday, 14 November 2009

The price index of TSE reached to 12581 units in October 2009 as compared with 7,966 units for March 2009. These figures indicate that the price index rose by 58% since the inception of the Iranian Year (20/03/2009). This is the index’s highest level since 15 months whereby it reached 12640 units, said Dr. Ghalibaf Asl TSE’s CEO, in a press conference last week. During this period, listing of two companies from industries of "Insurance" and "Gas and Oil Extraction" in TSE raised investment options for investors and made diversified opportunities for the market participants. He continued: "the total trading value of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) hit a record high of IRR 150,000 billion ($15 Billion) during the first eight month of the Iranian year as compared with IRR 137,000 for the same period of last year. About half of the trading value related to the block trading of ITC Shares. The number of share trades in TSE climbed 60% and reached to 2,280,000 trades.