Tehran Stock Exchange Launches New Product; Embedded Equity Put Options

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The new product has been designed to give more assurance to shareholders, particularly retail investors in the capital market and assist them to manage risks.
This product is launched so that to provide for its holder a minimum return of deposits or securities with the least risk. Major shareholders and the issuers guarantee the minimum return. Holders of the securities can exercise it at the exercise price.
These securities have no secondary market, and only issuers of the options have the right to sell them to a fixed price determined by TSE. In other words, the buyer can only exercise the options at the expiration date.
The daily price of an option is derived from the daily close price of the underlying stock price plus a premium based on the time remaining until the expiration of the option. The price will be determined by TSE and published by seller through trading system.