Tehran Stock Exchange Launches Online Trading System

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

On July 4, Tehran stock exchange has developed and launched for trial scheme its online trading system in cooperation with TSETMC Co. It will be fully launched in near future. "Online Trading System is new, and for finding its potential weaknesses, at the first step only some special customers can use of it on trial" Shahram Daneshvar, Member Affairs director, said.

Online trading is a system that enables investors to trade online from their own desktops. After an order is placed through Internet the system automatically sends the order to a Stock Exchange member for approval and submission to the market for matching and execution.

The new service will support online trading in the Tehran Stock Exchange with a highly efficient, modern, and user-friendly system and will allow customers to put their orders directly to the Exchange trading system and set their own bid and ask prices from all over the world. This facility helps TSE for becoming an international exchange.

The new system offers brokers opportunity to concentrate more on value added services such as professional advisory and market analysis and lower their operating costs.