Tehran Stock Exchange Ranks Issuers by Governance

Monday, 20 February 2023


Iran’s capital market issuers will be ranked regarding Corporate Governance (CG) principles compliance next year.

At the fourth annual meeting of Iran Financial Association (IFA), Mahmoud Goudarzi, CEO of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE), introduced corporate governance as the foundation of capital market success. “Capital market issuers in Tehran Stock Exchange should fully recognize the CG directives. From the next year, all listed companies will be ranked regarding their compliance with CG principles.”, he stated.

“During the past decade, indirect investment instruments, such as investment funds have been launched in our capital market. Earlier this year, real estate fund and sector fund were underwritten and launched in TSE.”, TSE’ CEO specified.

Speaking on the IFA’s meeting and referring to the developments on the risk management, Goudarzi explained: “We will observe Single Stock Futures (SSF) contracts for many listed companies at TSE in the next year, which will avail investors with a two-sided market.” 

TSE’s CEO concluded by emphasizing the market structures updating: “Tehran Stock Exchange is quitting some of the old structures and intends to restructure, and activate the digital economy.

>>> News Link on TSE’s Website:  https://tse.ir/en/news/newsPages/news_N71751.html