Tehran Stock Exchange reviewed TEDFIX 30 Index for the second quarter of 1390

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tehran Stock Exchange announces the following index changes as a result of the quarterly TEDFIX 30 Index review. These changes have been effective at the open on Sunday, September 25, 2011. The TEDFIX 30 is a total return index weighted by free-float market capitalization that measures the performance of 30 most traded stocks listed on Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE). In this review, Tejarat Bank, Post Bank, Calcimin Co. and Behshahr Industries Investment Group were added to and Saipa Investment Co., Rena Industrial Group Investment Co., Fars & Khuzestan Cement Co. and Civil Pension Fund Investment Co. were deleted from the index. Index components are selected according to the market capitalization and liquidity criteria. Thus, 100 large cap companies are listed on descending basis and 30 companies meeting the following requirements: 1. It is at least 3 months since they have been listed and traded in TSE. 2.