Tehran Stock Exchange Road Show

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE)’s road show was held in cooperation with the Iranian Business Council (IBC) in Dubai on 19 June 2010.

The event was organized in order to introduce the investment opportunities at TSE for the Iranian investors, residing in the UAE. More than 120 Iranian businesspersons and several non-Iranian investors attended the program.

The road show initiated with Dr. Hassan Ghalibaf Asl, TSE CEO’s speech, with a short history of the Exchange, describing the current market’s status and growth rates during the past years, as well as the investment opportunities in the Iranian capital market.

The event went on with the notes of Ms. Maryam Ebrahimi, legal department director, on TSE’s legal structure, the supporting frameworks for Iranian and foreign investors, and the legal requirements of maintaining transparency, and market surveillance and management.

Later on, Mr. Hamid Azarakhsh, Mofid Brokerage Company’s chairman represented the mediatory institutions to provide the attendees with an introductory speech about the procedure of receiving investment license at TSE, and brokers’ services to their customers.

The event followed by a remarkable panel discussion, including the authorities from Iran’s Securities High Council, TSE, some brokerage companies and IBC. The panelist answered audience questions regarding Iran economic prospects, with a specific focus on the investment Opportunities in Tehran Stock Exchange.

In the road show, TSE’ managers announced that Mutual funds have been one of the new and great success tools in Iranian capital market that are supported by the authorities. Mutual fund is also recognized as a way for absorbing the foreign capitals.

The road show was the first of a series of events to promote the foreign investment opportunities at TSE, which have received less consideration than they worth.