Tehran Stock Exchange Starts trading on PARDIS Petrochemical Company

Monday, 28 November 2011

On 27 November 2011, trading on PARDIS Petrochemical Company' equity shares started on Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) for the first time after listing. PARDIS, a producer of Urea/Ammonia, was transferred to TSE from Iran Farabourse (SMEs Exchange) in November 2011. With regard to its price of IRR 26,727 per share, the market capitalization of TSE increased IRR 27,000 billion (USD 2.48 billion).

PARDIS Petrochemical Company, a producer and supplier of Urea/Ammonia, is the owner of the greatest complex of producing Urea and Ammonia in the Middle East and its plant is one of the greatest producing plants of such products in the world.

So far, 1st and 2nd phases of this complex have commenced production respecti vley in 2001 and 2004, whose products have remarkably promoted Iran's share in global production of Urea/Ammonia. In order to expand its production capacity, PARDIS has started early steps of phase 3 since 2010.

The company is located in the Pars Special Zone of Economy and Energy, in Assaluyeh territory, 270 KM away southeast of Bushehr Port. March 2010 PARDIS was listed in Iran Farabourse. After Parsian Electronic Trade Co., PARDIS is the second company that was transferred from Iran Farabourse within 2011.