Tehran Stock Exchange: The Future Digital Market

Monday, 7 March 2022


Iran’s largest and the best-equipped capital market data center was officially opened in a ceremony at Tehran Stock Exchange on Sunday, 6 March 2022.

The opening ceremony of the largest Iranian capital market data center was held at the place of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) on 6 March 2022 and it was attended by the Chair of Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran (SEO), Dr. Majid Eshghi, as well as the board members and senior managers of SEO, TSE and other major entities of the market.

During the ceremony, Majid Eshghi delivered a speech and said:” Making the best use of TSE’s systems and facilities has been among my concerns,” and continued, the Iranian capital market has expanded greatly in the last 6 years in a way that today there are around 50 million shareholders in the country; therefore, developing electronic and intelligent services to shareholders and enhancing public access to the market data has entered a new phase.

He added, 95% of trades are done online these days and considering the current large number of shareholders in the country, a specialized data center must have been set up to provide the large volume of shareholders with appropriate and secure services. Besides, expressing that all the pillars of the market should be integrated in this data center, Eshghi said:” I recommend to allocate this data center to all entities and institutions of the capital market and the main providers of financial services, as well as brokerage firms, investment banks, portfolio managements and financial data processors should have a server in this data center so that all types of services can be collectively presented to the shareholders.”

Mahmoud Goudarzi, the Chief Executive Officer of Tehran Stock Exchange, referring to the purposes of launching the data center at TSE and its future plans, said:” At the present moment, TL3 standards are being observed in this data center, while it has been designed based on TL4 standards.” He added: “Two power substations from two different locations of Tehran Province support the data center so that in times of crisis, the UPS and generators of the data center will flow into the circuit; also, the security protocols are observed at the highest level of standards in this center.”

Expressing that in the near future we will unveil a site on which the security protocols will be run within a context to digitize services, Goudarzi stated: “Our most important target and policy is to digitalize TSE, and our goal and priority is to provide investors with digital services.” He also emphasized that they would like to give these facilities preferably to the infrastructure companies and capital market institutions.