Tehran Stock Exchange to Launch Professional Investment Market

Wednesday, 23 August 2023

Tehran Stock Exchange, in line with its mission to help finance economic projects and play a more solemn role in the sustainable growth of the national economy, taking advantage of international experiences and paying attention to domestic potentials and requirements, suggested the launch of a professional investment market to the Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) of Iran.

According to the approved regulations, different types of products and financial institutions, including project management companies (public joint stock corporations), venture capitals and private investment funds are listed and traded in the professional investment market of Tehran Stock Exchange.

Signing the risk statement form is considered as the only trading restriction in this market; i.e., those investors who intend to trade the listed financial instruments in this market need to sign and confirm the relevant risk statement, and it doesn’t require any other special trading restrictions.

Therefore, having signed and confirmed the risk statement, the investors must announce their awareness of the special features of the above-mentioned financial instruments and then they will be eligible to participate and trade in this market.

Most financial instruments that are going to be traded in the professional investment market have the financing nature, and therefore, there is a hope that the launch and expansion of this market will help the growth and sustainable development of Iran’s economy.

News link on our website: https://old.tse.ir/en/news/newsPages/news_N72851.html