Tehran Stock Exchange’s Listing Activities

Monday, 20 February 2012

Tehran Stock Exchange has admitted 10 companies’ shares, and initially offered and listed 7 equities during eleven month of the current Iranian year (1390), ending 19th March 2012 .
The three remaining companies will be duly offered either until the end of this Iranian year or early next year, according to Ali Sangenian, TSE’s vice president, listing and participants.
“Jey Oil Company is the next petroleum company to be offered at TSE. Its IPO has been postponed due to the company’s internal changes, but we will try to finalize it in March 2012”, he further added.
“Admission committee is reviewing two other oil companies, Pasargad Oil and Bandar Abbas Refinery, which both need more time to be examined and offered. The committee will possibly decide about listing of Abyek Cement Company and Persian Gulf Petrochemical Holding until the end of March 2012, if their listing requirements are realized by the issuers. The latter includes 15 national petrochemical corporations, which w