Ten Tips To Help You Be More Efficient Working From Home

Wednesday, 22 July 2020


2020 is all about new challenges and difficulties, and how you will overcome these challenges will define how ready you are for rapid changes. Of course, changes are hard, and it becomes harder to adapt to those changes when it’s not only about you, but it is literally about everyone you interact with. Looking back at how we started the year, we definitely haven’t even imagined what we should be doing today. When you are working in busy offices, in an active community with daily meetings, calls and never-ending discussions, changing from this routine to Work From Home routine can cause several moral issues, and not only.

I bet at least once during your career you told yourself how you feel jealous about the people working from home. A wise man once said that you should be careful with your dreams, they have the ability to come true. And boom…now, whether you want it or not, you are home, and you are your own “office manager”, “office cleaning person”, “the person who you admire at the office”, “the person who is late from the work”, etc., etc. How you will manage all these “people” inside you to work together, depends on what kind of worker you are while at the office. Maybe only now you will realize the hard work done by your office manager, it’s hard managing so many different personalities right?

It’s been already four months that FEAS Secretariat is working from home. Here are some tips that we find helpful to concentrate on work.

Make your bed right after you wake up
Some of you might not find this relevant, but for people whose working desk is nearly 5 meters away from the bed, this should be the very first rule to follow. Otherwise, you know, especially during the hot summer months, the bed seems the most comfortable place during the daytime.

Get up, dress up
Pijamas are not a good choice for an office outfit. The fight is real to find the motivation to work, when you are sitting literally 5 meters away from your comfortable bed, but, we have what we have. Not suggesting you wear high heels, or classy suits, but at least changing your pijamas with some causey outfit.

Even if you are working from home, put a specific lunchtime for you. Eating at different hours each day may cause a lack of concentration on your work. Knowing your specific lunch times for each day can help organize your work properly.

Coffee breaks
More coffee. And one more, please. As I mentioned for the lunchtimes, the same tactic (let’s give it some serious word) should be applied for coffee breaks, otherwise, again, you lose your concentration.

Clean your view
Try to find a place at home with a clear and simple view. Sitting in an empty room may cause some lack of motivation, but, the opposite can be harmful too. Too many decorations can take your mind far away from what you have to do. Find the balance in every aspect of your life! Wow, love the previous sentence.

Manage your time on Social Media
If you are spending a lot of time on your different social media accounts, just scrolling and thinking about what to like and to comment on, you definitely need a social media strategy while WFH.

Take breaks
Whenever you feel like you need some time to relax, just take your time and talk with your family members, exercise, or enjoy some favorite music.  Don’t force yourself to hard work, when you feel like you need time to relax.

Keep communicating with your colleagues 
Talk with your fellow colleagues, keep personal contact with your teams, discuss some work questions together, or, just share some work-from-home experience with them, if you think it might be helpful. Avoid isolation and loneliness.

These are ten easy-to-follow rules that we hope will somehow ease your struggle with WFH. Remember, that not going to the office is not an excuse for not doing your homework. You are your manager at home, try to manage your time wisely, otherwise you are losing the big slice of your career cake.

by Diana Ghazaryan

Cover Photo by Dhaya Eddine Bentaleb on Unsplash