The 13th Annual Greek Roadshow of Greek companies in London

Monday, 24 September 2018

The 13th Annual Greek Roadshow of Greek companies in London came to a close today. This year’s Roadshow, following in the footsteps of the twelve (12) previous events, served as a platform for companies listed on the Greek Stock Exchange to present their business plans and outlook to the international investor community.

A total of more than 650 one-on-one meetings took place between the listed companies and 96 investment funds and 130 analysts and portfolio managers.
The Greek Minister of Economy, Mr. Euclid Tsakalotos, was the keynote speaker during an information event organised in the context of the Roadshow on the 20th of September with all its participants. The Minister, among other things, discussed the prospects of the Greek economy after the end of the adjustment programmes. He referred in particular to the government’s strategy for growth and its clear and transparent goals both for the Greek people and for the Eurozone’s Member States and the markets.

Mr. George Handjinicolaou, Chairman of the Athens Exchange Group, noted that: “The Greek economy’s fundamentals are a clear indication that the country is launching on a trajectory of growth. The Athens Stock Exchange has a critical role to play in boosting entrepreneurship, and this includes its initiatives for reinforcing corporate governance and fostering innovative and dynamic start-ups and SMEs (ROOTS program)”.

The CEO of the Athens Exchange Group, Mr. Socrates Lazaridis, stated: “This year’s 13th Roadshow has met with considerable success, with the strongest participation of listed companies since 2008. More importantly, foreign investment firms and analysts expressed a heightened interest in meetings with the management teams of these companies. We were happy to see new people taking part in these meetings, as well as old acquaintances returning”.

The Roadshow had the support of (8) Gold Sponsors and specifically Greek investment firms Alpha Finance, ΒΕΤΑ Securities, Eurobank Equities, Investment Bank of Greece, NBG Securities, PANTELAKIS Securities, Piraeus Securities and the international investment bank Morgan Stanley, and of one (1) Silver Sponsor, the English law firm Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP.