The Amman Stock Exchange Records The Highest Index Value Since February

Thursday, 22 February 2018

The performance of the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) showed an improvement from the beginning of 2018 till Wednesday 21 February 2018. The ASE price index weighted by free float shares witnessed a series of rises to close at (2277.1) point; an increase of (7.1%) compared with the end of 2017. It is worth mentioning that this increase is the highest recorded by the ASE index since February 2011, and we hope this improvement in the index will continue during the year. At the sector level, the services sector index ranked first with (6.5%) increase, followed by the financial sector and the industrial sector by (6.4%) and (6.0%) increases respectively.

The market capitalization of listed shares at the ASE increased to JD (18.4) billion; an increase of (8.3%) compared with year 2017 closing. Where the last time the market capitalization was almost near this level of above (18.4) billions was in September 2014. In addition, the trading value at the ASE from the beginning of the year until 21 February 2018 is JD (219.9) million, while the number of traded shares reached (193.2) million, traded through (84.7) thousand transactions.

On the other hand, the ASE is still receiving the annual reports for year 2017 from the listed companies.