The ASE issued the Guidance on Sustainability Reporting

Thursday, 30 August 2018

In the aim of raising the awareness among listed companies at the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) about the importance of sustainability and its benefits that will refer to all the relevant parties, and guiding the listed companies on the steps that follow the disclosure of sustainability reporting for the performance as well as encouraging the listed companies to issue a sustainability report periodically, the ASE issued a guidance on sustainability reporting in both languages Arabic and English, which includes guiding steps for the listed public shareholding companies on sustainability reporting and the information to be included in the guidance, in addition to the importance of sustainability and how the listed companies disclose their sustainability performance and reports besides the most important measures of sustainability with the international standards in this domain.

It is worth mentioning that the interested people can access to the “Guidance on Sustainability Reporting” from the ASE website within the Library and Publications window, or you can obtain a hard copy from Awareness and Public Relations Department at the ASE.