The Bucharest Stock Exchange continues to digitalize in partnership with eVOTE

Friday, 4 November 2022


The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), company that has been listed on its own Main Market since 2010, is continuing its digitalization process, in partnership with eVOTE, with its platform enabling online attendance of its General Shareholders Meeting (GSM). Investors will be able to use the eVOTE platform to vote at the meetings both online and in person, thus optimizing the entire process by reducing the time and human resources required. The partnership aims to establish better connectivity between the company and its shareholders, by reducing errors, communicating decisions efficiently, and collecting votes from the General Shareholders Meeting through a single platform, in real time. Using the eVOTE platform is intended to ensure transparency and good corporate governance at the Bucharest Stock Exchange, and to increase operational efficiency by simplifying its administrative procedures.

“Digitalization is a natural step in the evolution of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, and using the eVOTE platform represents a new phase in our strategy for introducing technology into the regulated zone of the capital market. We want to be a model for all listed companies, which is why we have chosen to take this very important step in our evolution as a listed company, and also as a representative of the capital market. Aligning with the technology and facilitating participation in General Shareholders Meetings is a measure we hope will encourage our investors to participate in these meetings that are vital in the evolution of a company. Here at the Bucharest Stock Exchange, we have always sought technological solutions that will facilitate access to the capital market, and we are delighted to be taking another step in this direction”, said Adrian Tanase, CEO of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

“I started this entrepreneurial project two years ago because I wanted to improve the procedure for conducting and attending the General Shareholders Meetings, a procedure that was stuck in the 90s. We have built on a natural shift in the behaviour of shareholders and listed companies in their willingness to use voting solutions in tune with the current technology. Shareholders, first of all, want a simple way to attend, while companies want accuracy and a lower cost of organizing general meetings. With eVOTE, both of these wishes are satisfied, something that our many clients will attest to. This partnership with the Bucharest Stock Exchange, which is an example and governance guide for the entire domestic market, opens an important chapter in the life of eVOTE, because we are proving outright that we are ready to deliver reliable services for any client”, said Mihai Chisu, CEO and Co – founder of eVOTE.

eVOTE is a solution aimed at the capital market and was developed in 2018 by Governance Partners, a company founded in 2018 by an association of specialists in the capital market and IT sectors. eVOTE provides Romania’s first online and in-person participation system for general shareholders meetings, currently used by over 20 of the companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. The eVOTE platform enables shareholders to vote much faster and attend meetings from anywhere with an internet connection.