The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) Monthly Statistical Report December 2012

Friday, 11 January 2013

Two new companies were listed on Nilex this month, with a total capital of US$ 2.1 million (LE 13 million).

This is in comparison to November 2012, when value traded of the main market amounted to US$ 1,952.17 million (LE 11,930.28 million), of which shares represented 60.15%, bonds 39.85% and funds 0%. In addition, the OTC trading amounted to US$ 204.35 million (LE 1,248.83 million), i.e. 9.46% of total trading (on- and off-exchange trading), which reached US$ 2,159.43 million (LE 13,196.95 million). Additionally, Nilex has recorded a trading value of US$ 2.92 million (LE 17.83 million) during the month.

Total volume traded of the main market for this month reached 2,642.47 million securities. Meanwhile, the total volume traded of the OTC market has reached 96.45 million securities. Nilex has recorded a trading volume of 15.78 million securities.
During December 2012, 493,968 transactions were concluded with an average of 22,453 trades per day, as opposed to 437,038 transactions and an average of 21,852 trades per day in November 2012.

The bond capitalization recorded US$ 739.01 million (LE 4.67 billion) for corporate bonds and US$ 49.45 billion (LE 312.45 billion) for government bonds at the end of December 2012 (Treasury Bonds according to Primary Dealers System). Meanwhile, the market capitalization of the Public Juristic Entities bonds amounted to US$ 791.26 million (LE 5 billion) at the end of December 2012.

Foreign Participation
In December 2012, foreign investors participated with 20.71% of the value traded of the main market, with a net inflow of portfolio foreign investment totaling US$ 54.32 million (LE 343.28 million).