The Eighth Edition of the Individual Investors Forum Organized by BVB and 400 Participants and 20 Speakers Attended a Marathon on Investments

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), the most important institution of the local capital market, has organized the 8th edition of the Individual Investors Forum, a benchmark event aimed at retails investors. On the 10th of November, 20 speakers were engaged in interactive presentations and workshops dedicated to both potential and experienced investors, who accounted for an audience of 400 people.

“I am glad that many young people have come to this Forum and we want to convince as many of them as possible to get used to investing in securities. Considering the feedback from investors, we take into account to expand the Investors Forum at a national level next year so that we can be also present in the big cities in the country. Making one’s mind about investing is extremely important and the key thing to take away is that the capital market – its volatility included – generates better returns in the long run than banking deposits. If someone had invested RON 100 every month for 20 years in shares included in the BET Index, adding up the dividends also, one could have accumulated about RON 150,000, a significant amount for any investor”, stated Adrian Tanase, CEO of Bucharest Stock Exchange.

The eighth edition of the Forum included a motivational speech from the endurance athlete Andrei Rosu, who made a parallel between investments and sports. Andre Rosu is known an endurance athlete, blogger and charity events organizer. As a sportsman, he is known as the first man in the world who completed the circuit of 7 marathons and 7 ultra-marathons on 7 continents, which also brought him in the World Records.

„Little did I know about the stock exchange prior to coming to this Forum. As I realized how tight the sports and investments are connected, I have decided to become an investor myself. I believe in the power of personal example and wish that more and more people take the step and become investors,” Andrei Rosu said.

Representatives of four investment funds, Irinel Tolescu (BT Asset Management), Mihai Purcarea (BRD Asset Management), Adrian Anghel (OTP Asset Management) and Mihnea Barbulescu (ERSTE Asset Management) brought up compiling arguments and examples so that each of us can better understand how investments impact our financial well-being. Two experienced investors in the local capital market – Cristian Tudorescu, co-founder Investors Club, and Mircea Iliescu, blogger at, a blogging platform of an investor on BVB – talked about successful strategies on the stock exchange from an individual perspective, while Mihai Nichisoiu, Senior Broker Tradeville, explained what responsible companies and investments mean on the stock exchange. Officials from the BVB-listed companies Purcari Wineries (WINE), Nuclearelectrica (SNN) and Antibiotice (ATB) presented what good communication with current and potential investors is all about. Dan Rusu, Head of Research Banca Transilvania, focused on how to manage and temper emotions, especially on such a dynamic field as investing. Loredana Lungu, Fund Manager at Erste Asset Management showed to the audience how to discern between opportunities, losses, greed and profit and what is the unit by which profits on the stock market can be measured. Mihai Caruntu, Senior Analyst Corporate Finance at BRD, talked about simple ways to detect the opportunities on the stock exchange, while Irina Nistor, Senior Manager at PwC Romania, answered the questions related to the Unique Declaration on Income and Social Contributions. Irina Stefanescu, non-formal education trainer, led an interactive workshop together with Cristiana Mihai, Head of Marketing OTP Asset Management, Adrian Marin, broker at Tradeville, and Alin Brendea, Deputy General Manager at Prime Transaction.

The Individual Investors Forum is a benchmark event organized by the Bucharest Stock Exchange since 2013 with the aim to make popular the capital market among individuals. During each edition of the event, the participants interested in investments and managing personal finances had the chance to assist to presentations on capital market, interactive sessions about behavioral finance and seminaries aimed at both beginners and experienced investors.

This year’s edition was organized with the support of the main partner Banca Transilvania, and the partners BRD Asset Management, ERSTE Asset Management, OTP Asset Management and Tradeville. Media partners DIGI24, AGERPRES, Radio Romania Actualitati, Financial Intelligence, Financial Market.