The New Bucharest Stock Exchange Website Has Been Launched

Monday, 15 December 2014

Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) has launched today, December 15, 2014, the new website. It brings rich trading and statistics content, new user friendly interface for the stock exchange products and services, and numerous website functionalities.
The new website offers easier navigation and better accessibility, more information for companies, entrepreneurs and investors, a new approach to search for a price, more user friendly profiles for financial instruments, an improved technology and the possibility to connect and share the information available on the website through social networks.
Among the newly-introduced areas, “For Companies” brings the necessary information about getting listed, with dedicated areas for listing on the regulated market and on the alternative trading system. Companies can find in an accessible way the listing steps, fees and requirements, but also a series of post-listing recommendations so they can improve their communication towards investors.
The full overview on shares, bonds, fund units and certificates, all traded at the Bucharest Stock Exchange are available in the “Financial Instruments” area.
Less experienced investors have a special section where they can learn more about the main types of financial instruments traded at the Bucharest Stock Exchange and how to trade them.
Taking into consideration the information needs of our stakeholders, all the existing guides were updated, while other new reference materials have been prepared.
The new website comes with improved profiles for shares, bonds, fund units and certificates, with a better organized content and information.
One of the top additions is the improved and more interactive charting tool, available in the Chart tab of any issuer profile, where the price can be compared with other series of data, either series of prices for other issuers of choice or market indices. What is more, events reported by the issuer can also be added to the chart, for more insight into the underlying factors for price performance.
Search tools were introduced within all tabs containing tables, and contact information for the issuers’ Investor Relations team and other information were also added.
Cross references are available throughout the website, thus guiding the users towards other relevant pages or subject-related information contained on the website. A right-hand quick navigation column is available in most individual pages, containing cross links to other pages or related websites, links to downloadable content (guides, educational materials, publications and others) and relevant contact information.
Visitors of the new website are also invited to create an account, the registration being the gateway to a variety of tools and facilities, such as: access to real-time data and market depth via “Exchange Live”, support for the management of investments with the “Portfolio evaluation” tool, personalized price “Alerts” sent via email, as also custom-made views of the market using the “Watchlist” feature.
The new website has been developed in-house using the latest technologies and optimized for desktop and tablet display.
The most relevant and up-to-date stock exchange information is also available in our apps for iOS and Android, available for free download in Apple Store (smartphones / tablets) and Google Play (smartphones / tablets).