The Palestine Exchange has issued the Investor Relations Guide

Friday, 18 November 2011

The Palestine Exchange (PEX) has issued the "Investor Relations" guide; the first of its kind in Palestine to include comprehensive information on the concept of Investor Relations (IR) and its vital role in public shareholding companies. Issuing an IR guide was one of the recommendations of the Fourth Annual Palestinian Capital Market Forum of 2010.

Ahmad Aweidah, CEO of the Palestine Exchange pointed the importance of the IR guide as a significant tool to educate public shareholding companies about the value of establishing IR departments and effective IR practices; a necessity given the current regional and global challenges.

Aweidah pointed to the significance of building an effective IR strategy among publicly listed companies aiming to attract new capital and to increase trading on the company's stock and liquidity. Aweidah stressed that constant communication with shareholders, investors, potential investors, analysts as well as media will not only contribute to attracting investors but will also achieve a fairer valuation of the company's stock.

Aweidah added "In today's Palestine, IR is an essential effort. Effective IR practices offer a gateway to international capital pools and an opportunity to correct misperceptions about Palestine in the financial community. Effective communication will increase investors' confidence and familiarize them with the success stories of listed companies and hopefully attract more foreign investments into the Palestine Exchange and the national economy.

The IR guide includes information on what is IR, its economic value for public shareholding companies and IR stakeholders. It also includes information on how to build an effective IR strategy, IR in crisis management, IR in an organizational chart, IR core functions as well as measuring IR performance. The IR guide is issued in Arabic & English and is available on PEX website and PEX face book page