The Palestine Exchange (PEX) launches a local promotional campaign

Monday, 2 May 2011



The campaign will address local retail investors who comprise 95% of total investors at PEX to educate them about the rewarding returns of investing in the exchange. Aweidah said “ we will stress on facts that attract investors’ interest, in return of their investment in listed stocks on PEX, investors achieved an average annual return of 6% over the past five years compared to 1% on cash deposits in banks”.


Aweidah also referred to the remarkable performance of the Al-Quds index by close of first quarter 2011 which closed up by 1.65% compared to close of 2010. “This leaved PEX as the only Arab exchange in the green among its peers” Aweidah says.


The campaign will reiterate that PEX is a well organized exchange that uses best of breed trading and surveillance technologies and works under the supervision of the Palestine Capital Market Authority. It will also include messages on how investment in stocks could protect investors against currency fluctuation and inflation.


In his closing statement, Aweidah called upon investors to grab the investment opportunities that PEX offers. Aweidah noted that most listed companies are seeing growth in their profits and dividend distributions, 74% of listed companies achieved good profits in 2010. He also referred to the 16.31% growth in PEX market cap during the first quarter of 2011.


The campaign will use all advertising and promotional tools including paper advertisements, billboards, radio spots, social media as well as an extensive public relations campaign and series of educational seminars.