The Performance of the ASE During the Year 2007

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The Price Index of Amman Stock Exchange weighted by Market Capitalization witnessed a remarkable growth as it closed at 7519 points by the end of 2007 compared with 5518 points by the end of 2006, a 36% increase. The ASE Price Index Weighted by Free Float Shares stood at 3675 points by the end of year 2007 compared with the year 2006 closing at 3014 points an increase by 22%. This came as a result of the increase in the Services Sector index by 34%, the Industry Sector index by 31%, and the Financial Sector index by 14%. It is worth mentioning that the Media, Mining and Extraction Industries, Utilities and Energy, Technology and Communications sub sectors were the top best performers, their price indexes increased by 81%, 70%, 59%, and 38% respectively. The Health Care Services, Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries, Tobacco and Cigarettes were the main declined sub sectors, their price indexes decreased by 27%, 9%, and 3% respectively.