The republican newspaper “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda” published an interview with Alina Aldambergen, the Chairperson of the Management Board of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange

Thursday, 5 August 2021


 “KASE stays one step ahead, having taken advantage of the chance of IT modernization”.

The Head of the Exchange spoke about results of the last five years, about implemented projects in partnership with MOEX, “green” technologies, the debut of MFOs on the stock exchange, and also touched upon the topic of pension assets transferred under trust management.

Here are a few quotes from the interview with Alina Utemisovna:

“Since KASE positions itself as a full-fledged component of the international capital market, we are aligning all our standards and business practices with the international ones”.

 “If we want to become an attractive platform not only for local, but also for foreign investors, issuers, brokers, then first of all we need to ensure stability, operational resources, certification at the most modern level. Today KASE in terms of technical equipment, quality of IT service and business dynamics has reached this level”.

“I would single out two groups of factors that influenced the growth of the stock market. The first is objective circumstances. First, we can already say that the UAPF was returned to competitive management as an investment potential of the stock market. Just like insurance companies, which are now large institutional investors, and banks, which have acquired additional liquidity due to the low level of lending to the economy, invest in the stock market.

The second group of factors is the enormous work of the exchange, the regulator and professional market participants – brokerage companies, which have made a lot of efforts to let the class of private investors and issuers from SMEs actively develop”.

“Seven MFOs have already entered the stock exchange. They have issued bonds in the amount of 500 million to 7 billion tenge with maturity periods of 2-5 years with a coupon rate of 11-20% APR. Individuals and legal entities are actively buying their bonds. Interest in the stock market is shown not only by MFOs, but also credit partnerships, pawnshops. But they are still looking closely”.

“We are trying to attract more IPOs. But private business is barely interested in holding them. Therefore, we are waiting for the IPO of blue chips from the public sector. We hope that their offerings will take place on two platforms in Kazakhstan, since most brokers operate on KASE. This is an objective circumstance: we have more liquidity, more trades, more participants”.

Read the full interview at the link ➡️ (in Russian)