The second Quarter 2006

Monday, 10 July 2006

Total value traded in the second quarter year 2006 amounted US$ 10.06 billion. Value traded of listed securities amounted to US$ 9.62 billion, of which shares, bonds, represented 95.74 %, 4.26 %, respectively. On the other hand, OTC trading reached US$ 431 million, which represents 4.28 % of total value traded. Total volume traded in the second quarter year 2006 reached 1,675 million securities, while 1,396,469 transactions were concluded with an average of 23,275 trade per day. Total number of listed companies on CASE in the second quarter 2006 was 656 companies. The Market Capitalization in the second quarter year 2006 reaches US$ 65.6 Billion while CASE 30 Price Index, the official market index, witnessed 24.5 % decrease to reach 4,772 points at the end of the quarter