The Tehran Stock Exchange Congratulates the FEAS on its 25th Anniversary

Wednesday, 20 May 2020


Dear members and colleagues,

Congratulations on 25 years of FEAS activity.

We are celebrating our organization’s anniversary while the world is in a historical milestone, deep in the middle of a pandemic, causing hardship and enormous strain on every one and business.

Hopefully, there are signs of some gradual recovery despite the shadow of illness’ next waves threatening our societies and prosperity, emphasizing more heed and considerations
by the lessons learnt.

On be half of Tehran Stock Exchange, a founding member of FEAS, I am really grateful to the secretariat for their great job during the lockdown for staying in touch with members by publications, correspondences, and on-line meetings and webinars.

Unlike many other businesses, I believe Exchanges are a pioneer in applying electronic and digital capacity in the industry, as they have displayed a resilient infrastructure against crisis and distress.

Our markets have kept their integrity and solidity via business continuity plans, besides safety policies, in order to deliver liquidity and saving investors’ confidence.

We are proud of this, and will continue working for providing even better support to our national and global economy.

Looking forward to meeting everyone soon

Ali Sahraee
Tehran Stock Exchange