Trading Rules Revise at TSE

Thursday, 18 June 2020


Some revisions of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE)’s micro-structures will be applied as of Saturday 13 June 2020.

Based on TSE’s Market Department announcement, the following changes will be effective on the Exchange’s trading rules from 13 June 2020:


  1. Changing of Orders Lot:
Share Price (IRR)

1 – 5,000

5,001 – 10,000

10,001 – 100,000

More than 100,000

Max Lot Size (Buy/Sell)





New changes will be made on lot sizes in the last trading day of each month.

  1. Iceberg Orders: 

Orders routing is only available openly and two-part (iceberg) orders are not applicable to the trading system.

  1. Tick Size:

By the new changes, tick size of the orders increase to IRR 10 for all trading symbols. However, the figure will be remain IRR 1 for equities and rights priced equal or under IRR 500 each.