Trading volume and value of Iran Fara Bourse increased to 33% and ‎‎14%, respectively.‎

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Trading volume and value of IFB in 1393 at solar calendar (2014) in ‎comparison to year 1392 at solar calendar (2013) increased to 33% and 14%, ‎respectively. Statistics in 1393 shows 52,678 million securities were traded ‎within 241 trading days. Subsequently, market capital reached to IRR 834,663 ‎billion at the end of period. Exchange-traded ticker symbols increased from ‎‎252 to 280 in 1393 compared to year 1392. In the aspect of trading value, ‎chemical products, real estate & construction, banks were the leader industries ‎at IFB market in 1393.‎