Training Program Carried out by BBVB with assistance of USAID

Monday, 2 April 2007

A program for technical assistance was carried out at the Baku Interbank Currency Exchange (Baki Banklararasi Valyuta Birjasi – BBVB) which was financed by the USA Agency of International Development (USAID).  For the first time in Azerbaijan, within the framework of this program a training program was created to teach estimation of credit ratings for emitters and ratings for financial tools and regions. The trainings were carried out among BBVB employees by L. Sulenta an expert and advisor on questions of management of financial risks for the American organization ACDI-VOCA. The special attention of the exchange experts was given during the training on the studying of foreign experience in the formation of national rating scales.  The program which was carried out by the BBVB in cooperation with the National bank and USAID resulted in the preparation of the first Azerbaijan national scale of assignment and monitoring of credit ratings.