Treasury Bills Trading to Begin on The Egyptian Exchange 

Tuesday, 26 September 2023


Media Release 

On Sunday, September 24th, 2023, trading of treasury bills in the  secondary market began on The Egyptian Exchange (EGX), representing  a significant milestone in EGX’s ongoing development and a key  component of its strategy.  

This step came in full coordination with the Central Bank of Egypt, the  Ministry of Finance, the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA), and  Egyptian Central Securities Depository (ECSD) over the past months. The  project aims to stimulate trading activity on government debt  instruments within the framework of applicable legislation. 

Mr. Ahmed El-Sheikh, EGX’s Executive Chairman, stated that this day  symbolizes the outcome of EGX’s dedicated and ongoing teamwork. The  GFIT trading system was internally developed by EGX’s information  technology team to facilitate the trading of treasury bonds. Subsequently, it was enhanced by incorporating new features to  facilitate the trading of treasury bills as well. 

Moreover, the system is currently linked with Egyptian banks, both major  and non-major dealers, to enable them to trade in the secondary market 

for government debt instruments. The Sheikh added: “Trading treasury  bills through EGX streamlines trading operations and provides added  value for investors”. 

El-Sheikh stated that EGX has organized several workshops and training  courses for participants in the trading process over the past few weeks.  Representatives from approximately 35 banks attended these sessions. 

The trading value of treasury bills on the first trading day amounted to almost EGP 33.8 billion over 109 transactions.