TSE 2007 Future Outlook

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Activating the securities market as a common trading platform for several financial instruments, will be the strategic objective of the TSE during 2007. Achievement of such important goual shall be carrried out through practical implementation of the strategic alternatives pointed out within the TSE Development Strategy. The activity of TSE during 2007 will be mainly focused in:

  • The approval of TSE Development Strategy in the Government s Economic Policy Committee as well as the implementation of the Action Plan as an integral part of this strategy;

  •  Contacting closely and assisting in continuance domestic top level businesses, TSE members, etc. to make them aware of advantages the securities market may offer them as well as providing these stockholders with necessary information, in order to be listed at TSE,

  •  Bilateral negotiations with Albanian Government towards the inclusion of TSE in the privatization process of the state-owned enterprises (SOEs). These negotiations will cover identification of potential strategic and non-strategic state owned companies, which can be privatized through IPO,

  •  Negotiations either with Albanian Government and Ministry of Finance towards the assignation of TSE, by MoF, as Government s agent in organizing primary auction for long-term public debt securities,

  •  Negotiation and cooperation with both, MoF and Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority towards compilation of legal and fiscal incentives, which are deemed necessary to encourage private companies to rise their capital through IPOs and TSE listing,

  •  Performance of a marketing campaign, in full compliance with the marketing program compiled by TSE with a final objective to attract domestic business at exchange listing;

  •  In cooperation with AFS, carrying out of a continued public education & information campaigning regarding the securities market and advantages that provides its use;

  •  Improvement of information technology at TSE in order to make possible providing of this market with an appropriate Electronic Trading System for securities;

  •  Keeping fruitful cooperation with homologue institutions in the region, regarding the exchange of experiences and staff training, targeting further improvement of human resources capacity within the filed of securities market.