TSE Initial Public Offering

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

In the latest news about Foulade Mobarake Company issuing  :

Mr. Hosseini,The member of SEO board, has said: In next few days, Foulade Mobarake Company will be issuing their information to TSE for this  initial public offering .

In line with the assignments of paragraph 3 of Rule 44, the second  inclusive company will  be transferred to public holding status. The company’s capital will be 15800 bn Rials .


 In last year the income of the company was 5830 bn  Rials and the EPS was 369 Rials .  Isfehasn Foulade Mobarake Company is one of the biggest  industrial companies in Iran which  produces 2.4 tons of  steel annually .


Its main shareholder is the Iran mines organization which at present  manages more than 90 % of its stocks.  In 2004 &2005 , this company was sold 16000 &7000 Rials respectively.