TSE IPO Platform, Main Reference for Issuers Information

Wednesday, 18 May 2022


Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) was required to launch Initial Public Offerings (IPO) website according to the Admission and IPO Instructions, Article 6 in Tehran Stock Exchange via ipo.tse.ir portal. 

TSE’s Vice President, Mr. Ghahremani, stated that four companies, Asiatech, Abyek Cement, Ardestan Cement and Tadbir Investment Group, have been offered or are planning to be offered publicly since the middle of March 2022 (new Iranian year). Entering the profile of each company, investors and analysts can access information such as companies’ valuation reports, prospectuses, financial statements, introductory sessions’ electronic files, etc., and they can also post their financial and operational questions on the portal.   

“The listing team is responsible for responding all queries, and its Q&A section is available publicly,” he added.

TSE’s deputy introduced ipo.tse.ir portal as the main IPO reference and mentioned “it provides investors with useful information, therefore, initial public offerings which have been completed or are under process have been well received by investors and analysts, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

>>> News Link on TSE’s Website: https://tse.ir/en/news/newsPages/news_N70176.html