TSE’s Annual Trading Report in a Glance (Fiscal Year Ended 20 March 2019)

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

According to Data & Statistics Dept. of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE), during the past fiscal year ended on March 20th, 2019, TSE experienced 241 trading days with over 33 million times of trading which is 116% more than the previous fiscal year (ended on March 20th, 2018). Also, compared with the same period in the last year, TSE’s total value of trades, with the growth rate of 150%, increased to over IRR 1600 thousand billion; and the total volume of trades increased by 98% in this period.

Besides, at the end of the past fiscal year, the total index of TSE gained 86%, and the indices of TSE’s first and second markets have respectively increased by 97% and 67% comparing with the previous fiscal year’s closing value.

Additionally, in this year, 5,888 million units of ETFs with the total value of IRR 62,287 billion were traded which in comparison to the last year has increased by 211% and 203% in terms of the value and volume of trades, respectively. Also, in derivatives market, 3448 million contracts with the value of IRR 538 billion were traded which decreased by 10% and 67% in terms of the value and volume of trades, respectively; and in debt market, a number of 137 million participation papers with the total value of IRR 135,940 billion were traded which had a growth rate of 63% and 66% in terms of the value and volume of trades respectively in comparison to one year earlier.