TSE’s CEO Hosts Press Conference

Monday, 8 January 2024


Digitization of Tehran Securities Exchange is one of our main goals that we try to achieve by efficient accomplishment of our duties and in line with the preservation of the Exchange’s statutes.

Mahmoud Goudarzi, the CEO of the Tehran Securities Exchange (TSE), in a press conference with the media stated that financing is one of our main duties and the most important measures that has been taken so far. Also, digitalization of TSE is one of our other goals, which we hope to achieve in line with the company’s statutes.

“This year, we have taken important measures together with our executive team, and by rebranding our company and having a strong presence in the field of financing, we hope to take an important step for the progress of our country’s economy next year”, he added:

In the other part of the conference, Dr Goudarzi took questions from reporters on a variety of issues, including the implementation of Corporate Governance principles for the listed issuers, the timetable for listing new holdings, the development of TSE’s Professional Investment Market, hosting FEAS annual meeting in Iran in 2024, and the admission of knowledge-based companies to the country’s capital market.