Understanding FX Derivatives: FEAS Special Webinar

Thursday, 17 June 2021


The Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges alongside with Euronext Academy, organizes special webinar “Understanding Foreign Exchange Rate Derivatives” on June 30th, 2021.

About the Webinar

This webinar provides an explanation of the three main FX derivative instruments – describing their respective features and use in managing exchange rate risk. The presentation also devotes time to explaining the mechanics of executing, clearing and settling FX trades – focusing on how trades are risk managed in terms of counterparty risk.

This is designed for:
▪ Business owners – FOREX trading platforms
▪ Senior traders
▪ Senior executives

in banks, MTFs, and investment banks

The Faculty

Paul North has worked in the derivatives markets since 1988, having spent the first 11 years at the LIFFE exchange. He worked in business development, liaising with members and end users in the design and listing of derivative contracts as well as being head of education. For the last 22 years Paul has been an independent trainer in financial markets, presenting internationally to a wide clientele. During this time he has also been a trainer of the Academy.


12:00 GMT+4 | FX Market – From trade execution to settlement
Overview of the mechanics of the FX market, taking a look at the ways end users can access different markets (platforms) for trade execution and how the trades can be bi-laterally or centrally managed for counterparty risk.

12:50 GMT+4 | Forward FX and future FX contracts
How a forward FX contract can be used to manage rate risk and provides an insight into how the contract is theoretically priced through the law of one price (arbitrage).

13:40 GMT+4 | FX Options
Explanation of FX options and how they can be used to offer greater flexibility in the management of exchange rate risk.

14:30 GMT+4 | Closing Remarks

How to Participate

The webinar is developed for FEAS Members, but other interested parties can also participate. The participation for FEAS Members is free of charge, for all other parties who would like to participate, but are not Member of FEAS, below are the fees:

Individual | € 300 + VAT
2 participants | 10% discount | € 540 + VAT
3 participants | 15% discount | € 765 + VAT
3+ participants | 15% discount


Click here for the Webinar Brochure

If you would like to participate, here is the registration link – https://campusacademy.eu/online/?id=FX01&lang=en


*FEAS Members, who would like to participate, please, contact us at secretariat@feas.org