Uzbek Commodity Exchange: The History of Development

Thursday, 11 August 2022


During the 63rd Board Meeting of the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges, Uzbek Commodity Exchange was approved as a full member of the federation.

Here we present the Uzbekistan Commodity Exchange’s history of Development.

1994 – Studying and introducing experience of world exchanges.
Brokerage companies and exchange infrastructure.
Initial outcry auctions.
2002 – A single system of electronic exchange trading.
2004 – The first electronic exchange trading in highly demanded goods.
Free access of business to commodities.
2005 – An export-import exchange-trading platform.
2008 – A new clearing and online trading system.
2011 – E-public procurement auctions.
2013 – E-auction for corporate procurement.
2017 – Avtoraqam – online auction for vehicle license plates.
2018 – – a new mechanism of public procurement.
2019 – The list of commodities expanded. – online auction for mobile phone numbers.
2020 – A single exchange clearing system.
A guaranteed mechanism of the transactions executions at –
E-bids and tenders launched at –
2021 – An electronic portal for logistics –
Single portal for public and corporate procurement –