Welcoming the Students of the Agricultural University of Athens Opening Bell

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The traditional bell during the opening ceremony of the Athens Exchange today was rung by a group of students of the Agricultural University of Athens, headed by Deputy Rector, Mr. Stavros Zografakis.

After that followed the presentation by the students of their business ideas to representatives of the business world in a special area of the Athens Exchange.

The CEO of the Athens Exchange Group, Sokratis Lazaridis, underlined the role of the Stock Exchange over the years in fostering innovative business models, products and services that offer solutions to various sectors of the economy and society. He further noted that in the context of the transformation of our country’s productive fabric due to internationalisation, competition intensity and digitisation, the primary goal is to educate companies correctly on subjects of innovation and entrepreneurship, and to create a collaborative environment in which they can highlight, reinforce and improve their extroversion.