Windsor Brokers Signs Membership Agreement with Palestine Exchange in Preparation for Providing Financial Brokerage Services

Monday, 18 September 2023


Windsor Brokers (Palestine) Limited signed a membership agreement with the Palestine Exchange (PEX), becoming the tenth financial brokerage firm authorized to provide financial brokerage activities and services in Palestine. The broker secured its authorization by the Palestinian Capital Market Authority’s board of directors, on August 16, 2023, licensing Windsor Brokers (Palestine) Limited to conduct brokerage activities on behalf of others.

The signing of the agreement between Windsor Brokers (Palestine) Limited and the Palestine Exchange took place at the PEX headquarters in the city of Nablus. Mr. Nihad Kamal, PEX’s General Manager, and Mr. Iyad Abu Maizer, a board member of Windsor, signed the agreement in the presence of Windsor Brokers’ General Manager, Mr. Anan Al Koni, and other senior managers from both sides.

Windsor Brokers (Palestine) launches its local operations in parallel with the completion of necessary preparations to begin offering financial brokerage services to clients and investors later this year. This comes after receiving authorization by the Capital Market Authority, based on the approval of the CMA’s board to license brokerage activities on behalf of others, in accordance with the provisions of Article (7) of Capital Market Authority Law No. (13) of 2004.

The General Manager of the Palestine Exchange, Nihad Kamal, welcomed Windsor Brokers’ membership in the Exchange, noting that this is a positive step towards contributing to the development of the Palestinian market and keeping pace with modern investment tools and products. Mr. Kamal added that the presence of well-established companies with expertise in neighboring markets, like Windsor Brokers, would constitute a significant and high-quality addition to the local financial market and to investors. Concluding his speech, Mr. Kamal noted that the Palestine Exchange is looking forward to working together with Windsor Brokers to enrich the market by expanding the investor base and providing more trading and investment tools.

Responding to Mr. Kamal, the General Manager of Windsor Brokers (Palestine), Anan Al Koni, expressed his delight on the launch of the company’s operations in Palestine. He also praised the cooperation of the Exchange and the Capital Market Authority in completing the necessary procedural requirements. He further stated that he was particularly pleased to sign this important agreement, which allows Windsor Brokers to start providing their services according to the highest standards of efficiency, integrity, and transparency, while also ensuring the interests of investors and their financial growth. He added that Windsor Brokers remains committed to exceed client expectations by offering the best possible service, while adhering to the best financial and investment practices. He concluded his speech by affirming that Windsor Brokers is ready to work with all partners, including the PEX and the CMA, to create a safe, modern, and motivating investment and trading environment for investors.

A company with long-standing market presence

Windsor Brokers is a leading global broker with extensive experience in providing financial and investment services across a wide range of markets. By entering the local market, the company aims to expand its client base in Palestine and attract investors with its trusted expertise in delivering top-quality services and offering the some of the most advanced investment tools. Additionally, the company aims to work towards providing investment opportunities that align with the needs and aspirations of its clients in managing their funds, all in accordance with Windsor Brokers’ professional practices and long-standing commitment to transparency. This will be done under the direct supervision of the Capital Market Authority and the Palestine Exchange.

It’s worth noting that Windsor Brokers (Palestine) is part of the regional and international Windsor Brokers Group, which was established in 1988. The group’s vision revolves around expanding its customer base, investing in technology and human capital, safeguarding investor funds, and accessing international markets while upholding standards of transparency, integrity, and efficiency. Presently, the group conducts its activities and provides its services in a number of global markets. Notably, the group holds licenses from regulatory authorities in several countries and jurisdictions, including Jordan, Kenya, Cyprus, Belize, and Seychelles. The group abides by the laws and sound procedures of the countries where it operates in all its investment and financial services activities.