With The Primary Data Center And Datawall, Borsa İstanbul Attains The Latest Technology

Monday, 7 April 2014

Borsa İstanbul Chairman & CEO Dr. İbrahim M. Turhan gave information about the Primary Data Center and the Data Wall to the members of the media. Stating that they accelerated their efforts on the infrastructure in order to attain a technology that is comparable to that of the world exchanges, and now harvest the fruits of those efforts, Turhan added that with the Primary Data Center and the Data Wall, they aim to prevent any technical breakdowns that Borsa İstanbul has recently faced.


-Borsa İstanbul indices (30-100)
-5 Main Sector Indices (Industrial, services, financial, etc.)
-Gold Exchange data and charts
-VIOP Index, data and charts
-Logos, ticker codes, prices, price change charts of the assets traded on Borsa İstanbul
-Debt Securities Market data and charts (Repo-reverse repo, outright purchases and sales) including others

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