Securities Exchange Brokers Association (SEBA)

Azim Sabet

Secretary General

Address No32, DelAfrooz alley, 6th street, Vozara Street, Tehran, Iran
Telephone 000982184087
Contact Person Arshianaz Heydarian

FEAS Membership Status Affiliate member: Joined FEAS in 2009


    • The ISEBA was established on 6 October 2007;
    • It is a self-regulatory organization for brokers in IRAN;
    • Regulates relationships between members of the association with each other and with affiliated
    • 43 Market makers , 3 Investment Consultant firms and
      3 portfolio Management firms in IRAN which are members of ISEBA;
    • All of these brokerage firms should become a member of ISEBA at first.

    • Assisting to create a fair, competitive and efficient securities market to obtain investors’ trust.
    • Increasing members and affiliate staff of members’ prestige before investors.
    • Regulating the affairs and promoting the professions that our members are occupied with.
    • Upgrading affiliate staff of members’ professional knowledge.
    • Regulating relations between our members with each other or with their staff.
    • Performing the duties that SEBA is supposed to do according to the law.

    • Ordaining and performing professional and disciplinary criteria and standards for members within
      the law.
    • Compromising in disputes between brokers, traders’ brokers, market makers and other affiliate
      staff of members for performing article 36th of law within the provisions.
    • Regulating communications between members and affiliate staff of members within the
      provisions to perform the content of the 5th clause of the 1st article of law.
    • Assisting on preparation and codification laws, provisions and regulations relevant to members
      and Securities Exchanges;
    • Offering change of wages ceiling and the price of provided services of members to SEO.
    • Preparing necessary facilities for developing systematic, professional and continuous training to
      affiliate staff of members and in order to improve their knowledge and the quality of provided

    • Training Department:
      This sector plans and performs training courses according to demands the knowledge of members, affiliated members and others in the capital market.
    • Members department:
      ISEBA Members affairs section has the duty of preparing report related to the brokerage industry, trading statistics, affiliate information, Supervising members and members affiliated with, monthly magazine and etc…
    • Mediation committee:
      This committee considers all disputes arising from association members’ professional activities
      with each other or third parties.
    • InfoTech Department
    • Financial department
    • Administrative department
    • Legal Department
    • Public relations department
    Working days
    Country Iran
    Time Zone GMT+4:30
    Days Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Saturday / Sunday /