Taha Ahmed Abdulsalam

Chief Executive Officer

Address Baghdad-east Karrada - Alwaya dist -near the Golf Bank - Al-Alwiya P.O . 3607
Telephone +964 7711211522
Fax+964 1 7174461
Email info-isx@isx-iq.net
Contact Person Shahad Emad Alkhyat

FEAS Membership Status Full member: Joined FEAS in 2005
Website www.isx-iq.net

ISX Vision

To be an integrated financial market offering comprehensive and diversified financial services in accordance with the objectives of the law and the competition with the financial markets.

ISX Message

Providing financial market services with efficiency and activity in order to add value to the participants in the market and the development of the capital market in Iraq.
Objectives1.The ISX’s headquarters are in Baghdad and has the right to open branches in other Iraqi cities.
2.The ISX has its own set of operating rules independent from rules of the member brokers and recently completed a draft of new By-laws.
3.The ISX is a completely separate entity from the Baghdad Stock Exchange and is not responsible for any outstanding liabilities or obligations incurred by that organization, which no longer exists.

4.The ISX is committed to developing a transparent, open, and competitive trading environment.

5.The ISX is financially and administratively independent from the Iraqi government including the Ministry of Finance. It is organized as a non-profit entity that is owned by its members, the Brokers. It is regulated by the Iraq Securities Commission and follows the operational procedures outlined in its By-laws that are fully compliant with the Iraqi Securities Law.

6.The ISX has the right to file lawsuits and bring matters to the proper investigative authorities. The Chairman of the Board of Governors will represent the ISX with regard to such matters.

Working days
Country Iraq
Time Zone GMT+3
Days Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday /