George Wang

Managing Director

Address Level 41, 259 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Telephone +61 2 9217 2730
Contact Person Augustine Goh

FEAS Membership Status Joined FEAS in 2020

The exchange first opened in 1997 as the Australian property exempt market before receiving a stock exchange licence in August 2004. In November 2015, to promote Sydney and Australia as a leading financial center the exchange become known as the Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX) to allow our listees to be identified as being listed on a major city’s exchange.

The SSX’s corporate logo is made up of a black background, which is symbolic of the ocean’s depth (a source of wealth). The swirling red sun represents the success, energy and vibrancy of companies listed on SSX. Importantly the outline of the square box represents the rules of the listing, financing and trading market, boundaries which cannot be breached.

Today the SSX remains headquartered in Sydney as a tier one licensed stock exchange, providing a fresh, flexible alternative for Asia Pacific companies seeking the opportunities for growth that only listings can bring.

RegulatorThe license was granted by the Australian Treasurer on 11 August 2004 and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).
Instrument types ListSecurities / Managed investment products
Trading Hours/SessionsUnavailable




Normal Trading




04:00 – 08:00

08:00 – 08:30

08:30  – 10:15 (+ / – 15 sec)

10:15 (± 15 sec)

10:15 (± 15 sec)  – 16:15 (± 15 sec)

16:15 (± 15 sec) – 17:00

17:00 – 17:30

17:30  – 04:00 (the following business day)

Order TypesLimit Order / Market Order / Market at Best Order / Fill and Kill Order / Fill or Kill Order / Triggered Order
Margin Buying/Short SellingNo short selling, where applicable Investors make arrangements for Margin buying with their Market Participant
Settlement TypesT + 2 for on market trades
Settlement CycleT + 2
Settlement CurrencyAustralian Dollars
Clearing/NettingClearing House Electronic Sub-register System (CHESS)
Cross-border TransactionsYes
Cross-border LinksYes
Anti-money laundering RequirementsYes
IOSCO MembershipNo
Working days
Country Australia
Time Zone GMT+11
Days Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday /